Setting up YouTube

Lesson Progress:

We will be using video recordings throughout this course to submit assignments and evaluate peers. The easiest way to share videos, by far, is through YouTube. It is a free Google product that lets you upload and store videos. If you already have a Google account, then it is easy. If you don’t, then watch the following videos to learn how to create an account and upload videos.

How make a YouTube account

How to set your default privacy to ‘Unlisted’

How to upload a video


Using YouTube as a medium for video submissions keeps video formatting consistent and therefore, easily accessible for review (whether to grade a speech or have a peer prepare a rebuttal).   It also lets students maintain control of their video content.  For those unfamiliar with uploading YouTube videos, making a video “unlisted” means that the video is unsearchable and can only be viewed by sharing a link to your video.